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Rugged mobile computers

As mobility and ruggedness have become more critical to field operations, computers have evolved to support them without sacrificing performance. Extremely mobile,  rugged, wireless-enabled, DatAction offers Mobile computers and tablet pc's for Government, Fire, EMS, and healthcare agencies.
From fire safety to child safety, government agency service workers persistently gather and access critical information while in the field in an effort to keep the public safe from threats of neglect, violence and unforeseen situations.
The easier and faster public inspectors can access existing data and input new information, the more effective they can be in their job. DatAction offers rugged, lightweight Windows-based tablets pc's that work the way an individual wants to work, providing multiple ways to input and access converged voice, data and multimedia communications.

Professional rugged tablet pc applications include:
  • Mobile Data Terminals for firebrigades
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Fire safety
  • Health & human services
  • Environmental protection
  • Energy and utilities
  • Agriculture

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Expert review Toughbook FZG1
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