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Fire-brigade Province of South Holland

In 2008, the Regional Fire Brigade ZHZ (Province of South Holland) launched a information system with fixed vehicle computers. In a first phase this had to ensure a smooth exchange of information during incidents, especially during the preparation and repression phase. After several reference visits to other fire departments and suppliers, fire department ZHZ selected DatAction for deploying the MDT (Mobile Data Terminal-) project.

DatAction not only to delivered the products but we also configured and implemented the vehicle computers. DatAction installed a secured wireless network, GPC-repeaters and provided the integration with software package CityGis.

In total, DatAction equipped more than 15 fire trucks with a vehicle computer. The hardware fire department ZHZ choose is very robust and resistant to vibration and moisture. Thanks to the MDT-solutions all information needed is within reach once the GMC sends out a new message. Fire fighters are much better prepared when they arrive on scene.

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