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More real-time insight into the process

The way in which you organize your process also determines the technological success of your organisation. DatAction provides solutions that give you more (and real-time) insight into the process and get the best out of your company.

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More real-time insight into the process

Challenges in the Technology sector

In Technologic Manufacturing it is not always easy to deploy the right industrial technologies and solutions in the most challenging and innovative environments. It is important to make the right choice on the basis of a well-considered analysis “on the Floor”.

Robust hardware

Robust mobile devices: from industrial handheld terminals, forklift terminals, tablets and scanners to industrial printers. These devices can take a beating and are resistant to water, dust and extreme temperatures

Voice picking

Optimize your process in the warehouse, distribution center or production with voice solutions from DatAction. DatAction offers the most advanced proven solution for voice-controlled working in the warehouse and distribution center. With the latest voice technology, we ensure fewer errors and higher efficiency.

Mobile workplace trolley BOLT

DatAction supplies the “BOLT” mobile workplace trolley for the warehouse and production where a mobile workstation is desirable. With the BOLT you move the necessary equipment flexibly through the entire warehouse and production without repeatedly walking to a fixed location.

WiFi Site Survey

DatAction provides total solutions in the field of wireless networks. It is important to have a reliable partner who thinks along with you and realizes the right solution for you.

Mobile Device Management

As a service-oriented organization, we want to offer you the most extensive service package possible. With Mobile Device Management, DatAction offers you remote support for complete management and monitoring of your mobile devices. This way you keep a constant grip on all your devices.


RFID (identification with radio waves): is a technology for remotely storing and reading information from so-called RFID tags that are on or in objects or living beings, for example in chip cards that use NFC. DatAction can advise you to use the correct RFID technology.

Stay Linked

Always keep your Telnet session online. The innovative host-based architecture of “StayLinked” installs in minutes and virtually eliminates deleted sessions with high speed and secure access to applications. Request a demo without obligation.


BarTender® software enables organizations around the world to improve safety, security, efficiency, and compliance by creating and automating the printing and management of labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards, and more. DatAction helps with Installation and associated training and support.