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When working in a warehouse or production environment where there is a lot of walking back and forth, a lot of time can be lost. For example, employees have to constantly walk up and down to their fixed printer, PC or workplace. For many warehouse managers it can be a challenge to find solutions for shortening walking distances. By reducing walking distances, work can be done more efficiently and time is used more effectively. How do you achieve this? By using a mobile workplace!

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A mobile workplace saves time and reduces errors

In many cases, employees in a warehouse need to print labels or receipts at a central location. These labels and receipts must be affixed to the goods to be shipped. We often see that employees print the labels for several pallets or boxes at the same time, only to stick them on the goods afterwards. They do this so that there is less need to walk back and forth and save time. However, this does increase the chance that labels and receipts are stuck on the wrong goods. A mobile workplace significantly reduces this risk, because you can take the printer with you wherever you go. For example, it is only necessary to print the stickers or receipts for the goods you need them for at that moment.

The BOLT mobile workspace from DatAction

With the DatAction BOLT mobile workplace, your warehouse employees always have their necessary equipment at hand, wherever they are in the warehouse. The BOLT mobile workplace is a modular system, which means that almost all parts are interchangeable. This means that the BOLT mobile workplace can be put together entirely according to your own wishes. Because the parts are easily interchangeable, it is also very simple and cost-efficient to replace damaged parts.

You can fully set up your BOLT mobile workplace according to your wishes. For example, it is possible to equip the mobile workplace with a

  • robust label printer
  • A4-printer
  • barcode scanner
  • a tablet
  • a robust laptop.

This way, wherever you are in the warehouse, you have exactly the right equipment within reach.

Workstation Connect in combination with BOLT

If you want to use your mobile scanner in combination with the BOLT, and still have a complete workplace with all the possibilities that you also have on your desktop computer, then we offer a very good option with Workstation Connect. Employees simply place their mobile computer in a cradle and can then use connected peripherals such as a large screen, keyboard and mouse. For example, with the mobile hand terminal with built-in barcode scanner you can work optimally flexibly around the BOLT and on a full screen when you place the hand terminal in the cradle on the BOLT.

Choice of powerful Lithium Power packages

The Bolt Mobile workplace can be equipped with a powerful Lithium Power package. This  provides enough energy to power computers, scanners and printers and to work with the Bolt for an entire working day.

Working time and standby time of the BOLT mobile workplace

When implementing voice picking systems, a number of important issues must always be taken into account. Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge, we are able to tackle this as efficiently as possible. Consider the following:

  • Battery voltage
  • Assets
  • Amp hour
  • Charging status
  • Remaining usage time

Interested in a BOLT mobile workplace for your warehouse? Then please contact us. Our experts provide you with appropriate advice.

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  • Flexibility and efficiency throughout the warehouse
  • Can be assembled according to your own wishes
  • Completely built from separate parts; options can be retrofitted
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In large warehouses, a lot of time is lost because employees have to walk to their regular workplace with a PC or printer. It is a challenge for many warehouse managers to reduce walking distances so that employees use their time more efficiently and effectively. You can achieve this by making the workplace mobile, among other things. This not only saves time, but also reduces errors.

The mobile workplace is completely made up of separate parts. In this way you can compose the trolley completely according to your wishes. All available options can also be retrofitted. Damaged parts are also easy to replace. You can set up your mobile workplace completely according to your wishes with equipment such as a robust label printer, A4 printer, scanner, laptop and (vehicle) computer.

The standby time and operating time of the battery pack depend entirely on the type of equipment and its consumption. Our specialists calculate the ideal power package for your situation. The LCD display digitally displays battery voltage, power, amp hours consumed, charge status and remaining operating time.


The new BOLT mobile workplace is available in two models: with a fixed battery system or with a battery exchange system. With a battery exchange system, batteries are charged externally from the workplace. The extendable drawer makes it easy to change batteries. The exchange system ensures that you can use the workplace continuously.

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Opt for higher efficiency and fewer errors

Together with you, we get the maximum result from your warehouse or logistics centre.
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Opt for higher efficiency and fewer errors

Together with you, we get the maximum result from your warehouse or logistics centre. Send a message or call us directly for an appointment.

Send me a messageOr call +31 321 314 220

Reinier Peelen
Project engineer