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Voice Picking

Applying speech technologies in your warehouse

Applying speech technologies such as voice picking offers many benefits for warehouses in every sector. By using speech, employees have their hands free when collecting orders.

The mobile computer transmits the order picking orders to the employee via speech and the employee can speak back. Hands-free order picking makes it possible to work more efficiently and accurately. Moreover, because the employee does not have to look at a screen, he can focus his full attention on his task and the environment. This not only increases efficiency but also safety when working in a warehouse.

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Fewer errors means lower costs and higher customer satisfaction
User-friendly, therefore less training time

The process analysis for voice picking

As the first step in the transition to a Voice system, DatAction analyzes the process in the warehouse. In this so-called ‘DC-Walkthrough’ we look at the functioning of the current order picking process together with you. We analyze the process, the physical layout of the warehouse, the productivity and accuracy of the current order picking system. Then we look at how voice picking can contribute to improving your work process.

Based on the measurements and an analysis of the current order picking system, the payback time and the ROI (Return On Investment) are determined for the new voice picking solutions. This way you have complete insight into whether the switch to voice picking is profitable for you.


The benefits of voice picking

Voice picking brings a number of major benefits:

  • Accurate management of stocks and goods. Customers want to have their ordered products delivered as quickly as possible and without errors. By implementing voice picking, the risk of errors can be reduced to a minimum. This way, the customer always receives their purchase as quickly as possible.
  • Increasing employee productivity. Voice picking keeps employees hands free to prepare orders. This way they can focus on a correct follow-up of orders. Because employees do not always have to look at the screen on a hand scanner, but can pick orders via speech, they also save time. In this way, productivity is increased.
  • Employees do not have to look at a screen. The information reaches the employee via speech and the employee also gives the correct input to the computer via speech. This keeps his eyes focused on his task and on the environment. The safety in the warehouse is increased in this way.
  • Flexible integration with other systems. Voice picking is part of a total solution in which hardware and software are combined. The integration with the underlying WMS or ERP system is very smooth and efficient, without major changes having to be made within this WMS or ERP system. In addition, the voice picking software is compatible with the widest range of robust hardware, such as barcode scanners, terminals, tablets, etc.

Optimization of your current voice picking system

Do you already have a Voice system but it does not meet your expectations? Even then we can help you. We organize a DC Walkthrough, discuss the issues on the spot and collect loggings for further analysis. In a report, we make a proposal to optimize the system, we advise on fine-tuning of the voice recognition parameters and review possible updates of the system software and hardware. In addition, we check whether the best practices are (still) applied when using the voice equipment, and whether the algorithms comply with the current situation on the work floor.

Why voice picking from DatAction

When implementing voice picking systems, a number of important things must always be taken into account. Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge, we are able to tackle this as efficiently as possible. Consider the following:

  • It is important that there is a stable and strong Wi-Fi connection to guarantee a wireless connection in your warehouse. This way the voice picking system always works optimally.
  • With Voice picking systems we have to deal with various issues that can influence speech recognition. There are situations with a lot of background noise, employees who speak in a different language, or speak with an accent. With DatAction’s voice technology, we can still provide good speech recognition in all these situations. Our technology easily recognizes different accents, dialects and voices. At the same time, background noises are filtered out.
  • DatAction provides training and education for your employees. This way they quickly become familiar with our voice technology
  • Even after the implementation of the voice picking system, we continue to support you so that the process continues to run smoothly and without problems. Software updates are also installed.

With voice picking you can manage your warehouse faster, easier and more cost-efficiently, while also allowing your employees to continue working ergonomically and safely.



Vocollect, the market leader in voice, offers innovative voice solutions designed specifically for warehouses and distribution centers (DC). The Vocollect solutions are top quality and streamline your mobile employees. The result is improved management of your warehouse with an increase in productivity and a drastic reduction in the number of errors made.

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Opt for higher efficiency and fewer errors

Together with you, we get the maximum result from your warehouse or logistics centre.
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Steffan Hendriks
Account manager

Opt for higher efficiency and fewer errors

Together with you, we get the maximum result from your warehouse or logistics centre. Send a message or call us directly for an appointment.

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Steffan Hendriks
Account manager