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Factory Logistics: a unique bundling of knowledge

Factory Logistics: a unique bundling of knowledge

March 2022

Factory Logistics is the place in Belgium to test new warehouse processes and technologies. The special thing is that you perform those tests with your own goods and your own personnel. This way you can immediately experience whether the new technology or adjustment in the process provides added value. DatAction was allowed to play a role as a partner in the development of this special test center. Account Manager Solutions Heidi Sticker is happy to tell you more about it!

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How did this collaboration come about?

“The POM (Provincial Development Agency) for East Flanders wishes to encourage local companies to embrace existing and especially new technologies and processes in warehousing. The idea was to bundle this in a test center and to flesh out those specific processes and technologies together with local partners. Because we as DatAction also have a branch in East Flanders and of course have a lot of expertise in this area, we were the logical choice.” What role has DatAction played in the development of Factory Logistiek? “Together with two manufacturers, we offer technology in the field of order picking and voice picking. We have supplied order picking technologies such as scanners, forklift computers and associated printers with manufacturer Zebra. DatAction also integrates a voice picking process within Factory Logistiek, which we do with hardware from manufacturer Honeywell.”

Why are these kinds of collaborations so important?

“On the one hand, this government initiative helps companies become acquainted with new technologies that can bring productivity improvements. On the other hand, it helps to promote providers of such solutions, such as DatAction and its partners. A real win-win!”

Were there specific challenges to overcome?

“Manufacturers Zebra and Honeywell had to be convinced of the “business case”, would this investment yield a sufficient ROI (return on investment)? The unique concept of the test center for both smaller and medium-sized companies that wish to digitize further, as well as multinationals that wish to test state-of-the-art technology, convinced our partners very quickly.”

What do you hope visitors will learn and experience?

“It is special that so much knowledge is bundled in one place. I hope that visitors will learn a lot about the many possibilities and experience the added value of new technology, for example that you can perform actions much faster. We are proud that as DatAction we can be an innovative provider and integrator of those solutions within Factory Logistics. Hopefully the visitors will experience this as well!”

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20 March, 2022

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