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The specialist knows what he is talking about

The specialist knows what he is talking about

February 2022

It is essential to update your operating system regularly. For example, because you always want to keep the security of your MDM (mobile device management) at the highest level.

The new generation of Android 11 has quite an impact on your MDM tool. For example, there are quite a few restrictions from Android on configuring MDM devices. DatAction has the know-how to help you with this. Specialist Younes tells you all about it in this blog.

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Android 11, tell us a little more about that

“Android 11 is the latest Operating System that Google has recently released. This has already been rolled out in the “end-user” world on the more well-known smartphones, but the system has only just made its appearance in the industrial environment. Android 11 has a slightly different architecture compared to its predecessors, especially at the security level. Certain rights to installed applications remained open and accessible to everyone with the older Android versions. With Android 11 this is slightly different.”

What are possible bottlenecks that could arise as a result?

“The application now only has rights to its own “work” folder. Pushing certain files that are located in a different location is no longer possible. The EMMs also have some problems with this. For example, one could mobile device management install an application on the device and also set the correct configuration. With Android 11 this is no longer possible. Suppliers do indicate alternatives to get the right configuration in the right place via an MDM, so that the device is ready for our customers. The various EMM suppliers are also busy with this.”

How does DatAction help roll out Android 11?

“DatAction has the right know-how and can assist and advise companies in this. We can still configure devices fully automatically via a certain MDM. We want to stay up-to-date on such changes and therefore always immediately start with extensive testing. This way we immediately discover where the stumbling blocks are. We can raise these and discuss them with various suppliers. Together we achieve a great result that works!”

Why is it so essential to call in a specialist for this?

“The specialist knows what he is talking about! Because we react quickly, we ensure that little time is wasted and that the customer quickly has the devices that are correctly configured with Android 11. That is essential for their business!”

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20 February, 2022

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