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The BOLT mobile workplace is a must for every warehouse

The BOLT mobile workplace is a must for every warehouse

Employees who work in a large warehouse recognize it: every day a lot of time is lost due to the long walking distance between the work floor and the employees’ permanent workplace. Quickly writing down, entering or consulting information is therefore not possible. A missed opportunity! The solution is a mobile workplace like the BOLT, developed by DatAction. This gives employees direct access to their most important equipment. This not only saves time, but also reduces errors.

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A customized mobile workplace

More and more organizations believe in the added value of the BOLT. The mobile workplace has a modular design and offers space for a printer, thin client, scanner and screen, for example. This means that every BOLT is unique, fully tailored to customer requirements. Moreover, parts are easy to replace. Clients indicate that they can no longer do without the BOLT!

Successful placement at Bleckmann

Bleckmann is also enthusiastic about the BOLT. They currently have 30 BOLT mobile workplaces in use, spread over the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Robin Sandra – IT manager at Bleckmann explains:

“With the mobile workplaces – or BOLTS as we call them – we can move very easily between our pallet, bulk locations or other narrow places and thus transform almost every zone into a workplace. Thanks to the sustainable and long-lasting battery technology, it is possible to pack mobile and efficiently, to carry out container checks or to print labels, but also to charge ‘devices in the field’. The Lithium (LifePO) technology also allows us to use it ‘ad hoc’, so that we do not have to take charging or discharging cycles into account. This allows us to offer our customers an even better, more flexible and sustainable solution.”

BOLT lasts all day

Thanks to the advanced battery packs, which are fully applicable to the activities of your organization, the BOLT can easily last a whole working day without having to be charged in the meantime. It is ideal to use a mobile workplace, especially in the goods receipt department in a warehouse. When goods arrive, they are usually booked in and then put through to the warehouse. Now this process can be fully controlled from your mobile workplace. Handy and efficient; convenience serves man!

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6 April, 2022

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