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Valuable collaboration DatAction and Hardis Group Benelux

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Valuable collaboration DatAction and Hardis Group Benelux

“We recently intensified our partnership and are already seeing it pay off!” Robert Roosendaal, Sales Manager at DatAction and Ronald Schepers, Sales Director at Hardis Group Benelux speak.

REFLEX WMS is the Warehouse Management Software platform for growth that has been contributing to more efficient logistics flows within factories and warehouses for 25 years. In this blog, Robert and Ronald tell more about the collaboration between the two companies.

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22 February, 2023        Reading time: 6 minutes       98x Viewed

22 February, 2023
Reading time: 6 minutes
98x Viewed

How long have you been working together?

Robert: “We have been working together for quite some time at various clients, but since this year we have really deepened the cooperation.” Ronald adds: “That is because we see that in addition to a WMS issue, our customers also have questions about matters such as data capture and the associated services provided by DatAction.” Robert: “That is where our added value lies. By working more together as partners, we can unburden our clients even better.”

What characterizes your collaboration?

“In short, we believe in superior products supplemented with valuable and local customer contact. Thanks to our presence on the Dutch and Belgian markets, we can offer both.” Ronald says. Robert continues: “What I like is that, based on customer demand, we are now coordinating the solution in detail and fine-tuning and supplementing where necessary. In this case, one + one really is more than two because it makes us faster, more flexible and more reliable!”

What makes Hardis a strong brand in this industry?

Robert: “The reliability of the REFLEX WMS standard solution ensures a versatile and stable basis for our clients. They find it very pleasant to work and can quickly get to grips with it.” Ronald agrees: “That’s right, the WMS is for companies that want to take the next step in managing their warehouse processes. We do this for great companies in various sectors.”

Which solutions do you see a high demand for at the moment?

Ronald: “REFLEX WMS is often used by logistics service providers, but also increasingly in e-commerce and where B2B and B2C come together in the warehouse.”

“Customer demand is clearly changing due to the possibilities of the technology in the warehouses” Ronald continues “You used to have specific devices for the warehouse environment, but now you see that all the possibilities of the mobile devices also come into their own in the Stockroom; REFLEX WMS is used via an app on mobile devices, which opens up completely different possibilities.”

What is the added value of DatAction?

Robert: “Hardis sees us as a knowledge partner, where we help, for example, to set up a ‘proof of concept’ at a customer. We have a wide demo pool, so that different hardware can be tested. We will then further develop the solution that works best. We make sure that the equipment is in house for the Go Live date. “

Are there any interesting solutions coming up?

Ronald: “Certainly! The Reflex Visibility platform is our latest solution. This is based on Google Cloud when it comes to Supply Chain management. This is a very nice solution in addition to Reflex WMS because it provides visibility across different links in the Supply Chain, which can also be a stock point that is controlled in a different way than with REFLEX WMS.” Robert: “We certainly expect to be able to integrate this innovation at a number of clients!”

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