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​Good intentions for 2023

​Good intentions for 2023

Setting resolutions for your business can help you start the year on a positive note! We have already listed three resolutions that will certainly help you this year.

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1. Get good equipment

Properly functioning equipment is of great importance for an optimally functioning warehouse or logistics company. Regularly analyze the hardware that is currently being used. Relevant questions are: – is all hardware 100% usable? – do I have enough backup hardware? – is all software up to date?

The global chip shortage and the increased demand for hardware have caused waiting times for some manufacturers to increase from a few weeks to sometimes even months. We know our way around various top brands and can advise you well with regard to delivery times and possible alternatives. Together we keep your equipment in top condition!

2. nurture your staff

Staff is scarce. So cherish them with, among other things, a pleasant working environment. Think about solutions that make work easier and more fun. An example of this is simplifying work procedures, so that you can start new staff more efficiently. Equipment (e.g. a wearable solution) that makes work easier makes an important contribution to this. Another solution is a mobile workplace such as the BOLT. This gives employees direct access to their most important equipment. This not only saves time, but also reduces errors!

3. look ahead

The world is changing rapidly. New technologies and perspectives follow each other in rapid succession. It is therefore important to keep looking ahead. For example, a transition is expected in the coming years in which warehouses and logistics companies must become more adaptable. This allows them to adapt more quickly to changes in the market. With a so-called agile working method you are able to respond more quickly to changes and you are not completely tied to protocols. Smart software that provides you with relevant information in a timely manner can help you work more agilely. This allows you to better adjust your process. With a suitable WMS you can also implement a new working method more quickly.

Also in 2023 by your side!
We know how challenging it can be to stick to your resolutions. That is why we are also happy to be your guide in 2023 when it comes to advice on and implementation of smart solutions that make your work more efficient, simpler and more fun. Contact our advisors for an inspiring conversation.

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2 January, 2023

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