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Alter Pharma Group

Alter Pharma Group

Alter Pharma Group is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer. 140 employees, spread over 14 countries, work towards the goal: making affordable medicines available to everyone. We helped Alter Pharma Group to make their warehouse more efficient.

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The question

Alter Pharma Group wanted to take a step in digitizing their warehouse. Various processes were carried out using outdated equipment or in some cases even manually. This ensures a high error sensitivity and a longer time for processing the deliveries.

The solution

Alter Pharma Group has commissioned various innovative scanning equipment. This includes Point Mobile’s PM451, which streamlines warehouse processes.

The equipment has been implemented in Belgium, Ireland and Romania.

The result

Alter Pharma Group is experiencing several advantages through the use of the new scanning equipment. These include:

  • time savings through less paperwork
  • less room for error
  • better overview of stocks
  • higher productivity and more job satisfaction