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Good preparation is half the job

Good preparation is half the job

Autumn is a peak time for many warehouses and logistics service providers. Due to the large number of holidays and the current digitization, with large volumes of online orders, many companies operate at the top of their capabilities. With these three handy tips you will be well prepared for the fall.

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1. Check your current hardware

An important first step is a thorough analysis of the hardware you are currently using. Do this in good time and ask questions such as:

– is all hardware 100% usable?

– do I have enough backup hardware?

– is all software up to date?

2. Invest? Order in time

Due to, among other things, the worldwide chip shortage and the increased demand for hardware, waiting times at manufacturers have in some cases increased from a few weeks to sometimes months. We know our way around the various manufacturers and can advise you well with regard to delivery times and possible alternatives. The advice here is: order in time!

3. Improve efficiency

Although smart equipment takes a lot of work off your hands, staff remains your most important asset during these busy months. Therefore, help and unburden them to do their work more efficiently. A possible solution for this is, for example, a mobile workplace such as the BOLT, developed by DatAction. This gives employees direct access to their most important equipment. This not only saves time, but also reduces errors. More and more organizations believe in the added value of the BOLT. The mobile workplace has a modular design and offers space for a printer, thin client, scanner and screen, for example. This means that every BOLT is unique, fully tailored to customer requirements.

Read more about the BOLT at:

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10 September, 2022

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