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Part 2: The Benefits and Challenges of Terminal Emulation

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Part 2: The Benefits and Challenges of Terminal Emulation

In our
first blog about Terminal Emulation
we wrote about the background of this technology and features of Terminal Emulation as we offer it.
In this second blog we would like to share two concrete benefits as well as two challenges you should consider when implementing Terminal Emulation.

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Benefit 1: higher productivity

You can connect to different systems and applications through one revamped interface. This reduces the need to switch between different programs, saving time and effort. In addition, keyboard shortcuts and macros can be used to automate repetitive tasks, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of errors. An updated interface also makes the screens easier and more pleasant to read for the user.


Benefit 2: cost savings

Modernizing your Terminal Emulation can provide significant cost savings; instead of investing in other hardware and/or software, you can use all the modern features that contemporary hardware offers. The learning curve is low because most users today are already fully familiar with touchscreens on phones and tablets. This makes a graphical (touch) interface easy for users to understand. Modernization extends the life of systems and equipment, allowing your company to maximize the value of previously made investments. Also, there are no long implementation cycles.


Challenge 1: accommodate all types of users

Experienced users, some of whom have worked with the old equipment for many years, could possibly miss certain features or customization options that were available in a purely command-line-based environment. Therefore, DatAction always develops the graphic layer together with you. We go through your business process and design the new graphic layer based on it. This way you retain full control over the appearance of the modern screens and we ensure that everyone is comfortable working with them.


Challenge 2: maintaining compatibility

Because modern graphics are added as an extra layer to the underlying functionality, compatibility issues may arise with specific systems, protocols or applications. This can lead to reduced functionality or difficulty performing certain tasks. During the inventory, we identify any problem situations in advance and devise an appropriate solution for them.


Is Terminal Emulation the right step for you?

Terminal Emulation remains a valuable solution for businesses that rely on legacy systems. DatAction uses high-performance platforms such as SmartTE from Staylinked and Velocity TE from Ivanti for Terminal Emulation. Are you also thinking about modernizing the terminals, mobile barcode scanners, tablets or client computers in your work environment? Then contact us for a free consultation.

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