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With the Proglove you are on the winning side

With the Proglove you are on the winning side

Do more in less time; this challenge is often central to logistics and warehouse managers. In the quest for efficiency, DatAction has built strong confidence in the ProGlove. Curious about this smart product? Senior Project Engineer Jordy Broekhuizen tells you all about it in this blog!

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Wat is de ProGlove?

“ProGlove is a revolutionary barcode scanner that enables employees to work hands-free, quickly and ergonomically. The solution consists of wearable scanners (with or without a display) and associated software that give you more insight into a user’s workflow.”

Can you explain that "understanding the workflow"?

“By using the software solution ‘insight process analytics’, data can be analyzed and an employer can gain better insight into the various processes, such as the speed of action. This allows you to optimize the workflow and increase productivity. That can save up to four seconds per scan compared to a traditional hand scanner!”

Four seconds, that's a considerable saving! In which settings does the product come into its own?

“Basically any process where the user wants to have his hands free. We often see the product used in warehouse and logistics, transport, automotive, retail, aviation and the manufacturing industry.”

What makes this product unique, why would you want to use it?

“The ProGlove is lightweight, robust and ergonomic. You simply attach the ProGlove to the top of the wrist, making it feel very natural. In addition, the scanner can be connected to any Android device, so very user-friendly! Moreover, I find the scanner very purposeful.”

"Targeted", what do you mean by that?

“The ProGlove is not overloaded with functions that you will hardly use in practice. This does not make the device unnecessarily complex to use. What it has to do, it does very well!”

What feedback do you get from customers about the ProGlove?

“Those are really only enthusiastic reactions! Because the solution feels so natural, users don’t want anything else. We often initiate a POC (Proof of Concept) with interested customers. By setting up this POC in the right way, the customer can immediately test the solution within their process. After a few days of testing, it quickly becomes clear that a performance improvement is visible. An ROI (Return on Investment) is then easy to calculate.”

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14 April, 2022

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