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Textaafoam from Tilburg is a real family business, specialized in upholstery fabrics. They stand for the best deal in terms of price and quality, with all products meeting the requirements of the law and the market. Creativity is in Textaafoam’s DNA, which is reflected in the enormous range, among other things. Textaafoam wanted to take the next steps in terms of hardware and software for their warehouse and logistics process.

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The question

Textaafoam is the European B2B wholesaler for upholstery fabrics. To strengthen that position, they wanted to implement a new WMS system including associated equipment. Textaafoam used to work with Windows equipment. Windows stopped providing support in the industrial environment at the end of 2020. As a result, the transition to Android was an important challenge for Textaafoam.

The solution

Based on our advice, Textaafoam started testing with the Zebra TC52x in combination with the Pro Glove Mark display 2 and this was a success! In order to optimally manage these devices, MDM (Mobile Device Management) has also been chosen. This allows DatAction to (remotely) optimize its services even better. In addition, our own smart charging cabinet / distribution cabinet has been chosen for this solution.

The result

Thanks to the recommended combination of our solutions, Textaafoam takes an important step towards the future. These new solutions have significantly improved efficiency and speed within the warehouse. All devices can now be managed centrally. In addition, it is possible to monitor which device is linked to which employee.

Since 2019, DatAction has been our main supplier for the hardware in the warehouse. We have had good experiences with DatAction's service over the years. This was the reason for us to also entrust them with this project.

Marcel BijsterveldTextaafoam