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Woodvision B.V., located in Kampen, develops and produces high-quality
garden wood products to make outdoor living as optimal as possible for everyone.
85 passionate employees work daily on the Woodvision and Hillhout brands to create the right experience for every situation and wish. The versatile collection of approximately 6,500 garden wood products is located on a storage area of ​​no less than 70,000 m2. The company is fully engaged in a digital transformation, to which we were also able to make a valuable contribution.

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The question

Woodvision makes the move from analog to digital, digitizing as many processes as possible. This concerns both software and hardware. We have included Woodvision in this change from advice to implementation. An important starting point, because work is mainly done outdoors on the large storage site, is that the readability of the hardware must be good in all circumstances (such as bright sunlight). The stability of the systems is also an important factor.

The solution

In terms of hardware, the Zebra TC58 was chosen because it has a 6-inch screen with a higher NITS value than a traditional hand terminal. The higher NITS value ensures that the screen remains more clearly legible in bright sunlight. The Zebra TC58 has a flexrange scan engine. For example, employees can scan barcodes from about 40 cm up to 12 meters away. All Zebra hardware is now safely stored and charged in our smart charging and distribution cabinet.

We also implemented SOTI’s MDM platform. With this platform, DatAction can provide optimal support to Woodvision. For example, the Zebra terminals can be taken over remotely and we can ‘push’ the necessary updates to the equipment at any given time.
Woodvision also uses our own DatAction photo application. This application can be implemented on the TC58 and ensures that you no longer need a separate camera or separate telephone to take photos (of damage, for example). This ensures more simplicity in the inbound and outbound process.

The result

Woodvision employees are enthusiastic about the implemented hardware and software. Work can now be done faster and more efficiently, there is a lower risk of errors and employees experience more control and autonomy in their work

During the implementation of our WMS (SAP-EWM), DatAction provided us with good support in the selection of the most suitable hardware. The choice of a scanner in particular was of decisive importance. Our wish was one type of scanner for both short and long distances, and we succeeded with the Zebra TC58.
The delivery time of the TC58 was still tense during Corona times due to production issues in China, but DatAction also has a solution for that situation.
We offered a suitable interim solution with an alternative device, so that our WMS project was not delayed.

Peter van der VeldeDirector of Operations