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Interview with Roy van der Broek

Interview with Roy van der Broek

November 2022

Roy van der Broek works at DatAction as a Service & Project Engineer. He likes to talk about his motives, about what he considers important in contact with clients and about the steps he is going to take within DatAction.

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What does a working day at DatAction look like for you?

Roy: ”My working day is actually different every day! Sometimes I work at our head office in Dronten, but I can also often be found on location at our customers. It’s nice to get a look behind the scenes there. I am mainly concerned with the BOLT mobile workstations developed by us, the distribution cabinets, printer sitecare and malfunctions. In addition, I have recently started working for our customers who are active in the security services.”

What do you find important in your work?

“Ultimately, customer satisfaction is the most important thing to me,” says Roy. “For me, that lies in a combination of quality and speed, so I always do my best for this. For example, by taking a step up on location, so that I don’t get in anyone’s way for too long. In our work, well-functioning equipment is of great importance for the business processes. Customers must therefore be helped quickly!”

What do you like about working at DatAction?

Roy: “I like that you are quite free to schedule your work here. For example, this gives me the freedom to decide for myself what I consider most urgent at any given time. When in doubt, I can always consult with one of my colleagues. In addition, we have a friendly team, with whom we regularly do fun things. I look back with great pleasure on our team days in Valkenburg. The company is also open to new ideas. For example, a while ago I had the idea to mount a tablet on the front of our distribution cabinets. This way you can immediately see which scan terminal is in use and which is not. These kinds of ideas are responded to enthusiastically!”

You said earlier in this conversation that you recently started working for the security services as well. Can you tell more about that?

“Within DatAction, growth is actively stimulated. I’ve been given the opportunity to focus more on the work we do for our security services. DatAction has a long history in this industry, we have already provided many security services in the Netherlands with equipment.”
Roy continues: “I am aware that our equipment can sometimes be literally vital, for example, helping the services navigate or ensuring that relevant information is available to emergency responders in a timely manner.”

What do you expect from this step?

“I expect to learn a lot and encounter plenty of exciting challenges!” says Roy enthusiastically. “I feel honored to be able to contribute to such an important part of our society.”

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5 December, 2022

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