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Mobile computers in Cold Storage environments

Just like in ambient temperatures, your coldchain logistics service must deliver accuracy and productivity.
Our cold-storage computing products and services give cold-storage facility operations like yours all the benefits of mobile computing and automatic data-capture, without compromises. Bar code scanning, wireless networking, handheld, vehicle-mounted, and even hands-free wearable computers are all included in DatAction's comprehensive cold-chain product family. Thanks to our experience and innovative engineering, your operators will use these products to successfully complete their tasks in the cold-chain just the same as they would in an ambient-temperature environment.
Give your operators specialized Cold-Storage computing products. Tools that overcome the following obstacles:
  • Condensation
  • Screen Fogging
  • Bulky Clothing and Gloved Hands
  • Freezing Temperatures
You need cold-storage products built with attention to the dynamics that exist in cold-storage environments. Battery technology, component coating techniques, strategic heater placement, keypad usability and even the effect of low temperatures on plastic casings are key considerations during the design and engineering processes. Your operators can rely on our Cold-Storage Computing products to get the job done.



  • Honeywell
  • Cisco
  •  Intermec
  • Zebra
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