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Transportation and Logistics

Automation plays an important part in today's economy for the organisation of increasing numbers of goods flows, and modern requirements with respect to quality, flexibility and efficiency. The linkage and integration of information systems between order provider, client of the order provider and carrier is of great importance here. The possibilities of the various applications are far-reaching, and technological developments are arriving thick and fast.

Computers or terminals fitted with wireless communication technology enable contact with the home base from just about anywhere. Paper transport documents are being increasingly replaced by electronic consignment notes, and goods can be followed everywhere using & Tracking Tracing systems.

In this fast-changing market DatAction is your ideal partner when it comes down to making the right choices. DatAction advises on, supplies and implements wireless systems, bar code scanners and label printers for the automation of logistical centres, and terminal systems for use in lorries for the recording of all sorts of important information about route registration, route optimisation and the control and delivery of goods

Hand terminals, vehicle mounted terminals and tablet pc's can be used in mixed systems. The rugged terminal systems are highly suitable for complex data communication applications, for example in warehouses, industrial and process environments and supply chain management.


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