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The use of mobile computers equipped with barcode scanners, is an integral part of today’s warehouse. It is used to optimize stock controll and to reduce failures. 

Challenges for warehousing & manufacturing logistics
  • Delivering the highest possible customer satisfaction
  • Optimizing efficiency of the warehouse employees
  • Moving product to the right locations quickly
  • Avoid delays, errors and missed orders
  • Make it easy for the IT department to maintain the systems in use
From receiving goods, processing customer orders, orderpicking and processing, tracking and trace of orders, dispatching and replenishment, computerised barcode scanning systems are essential in modern warehouses.

Juggling multiple devices, vendors and service contracts can distract from your goals of operational efficiency and profitability. DatAction can help you to make the right choice to build a system that fits your operation.


  • Tyco, Fire Protection Products


  • Zebra
  • Cisco
  • Honeywell Scanning & Mobility
  •  Intermec
  • Datalogic
  • Vocollect
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